On songwriting

To us, songwriting is a bit like breathing, we have to do it, and when we play together we get to forget about everything that's complicated in our lives for a little while and just focus on enjoying the process.  We take inspiration from a range of songwriters like Josh Rouse, Jackson Brown, The Weepies, and Hey Rosetta but overall we're just in love with the act of songwriting itself.  It's such a fun, mysterious, and outright therapeutic craft.  There are so many styles of songwriting out there...but there's nothing cooler or more difficult to achieve than a well crafted tune.  We're constantly in search of a real tune.  I think we always strive, whether or not we get there or not, to write a tune that hopefully either contributes to and/or advances the song literature even if it's in a small way.  Whether it's finding an interesting chord progression, a tweak on song form, or an interesting lyric, we humbly wake up each morning and try to find a tune that will feel great to play, that will fill us with joy, and that will hopefully make someone think, wonder, perhaps feel a little less lonely in the world.  How many things in life are capable of doing that?