New album

Hey Owls! We're thrilled to announce the release of our debut album.  We've titled it "Living in all directions" and it's been a true labor of love.  Inbetween all the diaper changes, sleep deprivation, and our day jobs, we've managed to make a record we're really proud of.  We sincerely hope you like it.  Not sure I can do the album justice describing it with words but I'll try my best to decode some of the meaning or rather feelings behind each song in some upcoming blog posts so check back soon.  It's been such a wonderful ride. We hope you'll put on your headphones and jam out to the tunes in your pajamas, car, subway, or wherever and whenever you find the time to bring music into your life.  xoxo,          -WATNO

Walter & the Night Owls, Living in All Directions

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