Our debut album

"We titled the album 'Living in all directions' because it perfectly describes the blur of where we've been in life these past few years...just exploring life from many different angles...as musicians, as parents, as artists, as entrepreneurs...I think many people can identify with the feeling of having a thirst and passion for so many things it becomes hard to concentrate on just one...but over the years I think we came to the realization that we could combine all of them...they all have the ability to feed off and inspire the other in unique ways." - Walter 

From left: Walter Rodriguez (Guitar & Vocals), Masami Rodriguez (Violin), Afton Cyrus (Vocal Harmonies), Kristy Foye (Cello)

From left: Walter Rodriguez (Guitar & Vocals), Masami Rodriguez (Violin), Afton Cyrus (Vocal Harmonies), Kristy Foye (Cello)


Walter and the Night Owls are a Somerville, MA-based alternative-folk music quartet that have been making waves in the independent Boston music scene.  Combining acoustic guitar, violin, and cello with soft vocal harmonies they’ve manage to create a sound all their own while echoing inspiration from songwriters like Josh Rouse, The Weepies, Ingrid Michaelson, David Gray, and Hey Rosetta.  Composed of three music educators (Masami, Afton, and Kristy) and a classical guitarist (Walter), Walter & the Night Owls was formed when a last minute gig sparked a musical kinship.  "We just fed off each other's energy...there was an instant connection that's hard to put into words...but it gave us the confidence to keep going, to keep writing songs." With practice sessions lasting late into the night and a growing set of original compositions, they began opening for other bands like Tristen, Jaymay, and Jamie Kent as well as playing folk festivals around the Northeast.  Music from their initial EP has been featured in commercials, films ( i.e “Shades of Ray” starring Zachary Levi – NBC) and has been licensed for use on MTV2 network specials along with other international media outlets.  Their debut album, entitled "Living in all Directions" is now available in stores.

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